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A New Year – A New You! With the festive season behind us, it’s the time of year to think about YOU and how you can make changes to benefit your health and wellbeing. Health Matters! – so make 2016 the year where you make small changes that could have a big impact on your life.

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Here at Papa well-being centre, we believe that Good Health leads to Happiness and Wealth. So, we are committed to supporting and encouraging you to maintain a healthy and well-being lifestyle. We stock a range of Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal and Coffee based healthy food supplements to supplement your diet, plus; we offer free tips and ideas on how stay healthy, happy and make money.

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Should You Trade Or Invest In Bitcoins?

Trading and investing may sound the same, but in reality, they are as different as day and night. Trading refers to a short-term method of trying to profit from buying and selling of bitcoins while investing refers to a long-term strategy where a buyer will hold on to...

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The 5 Advantages Bitcoin Has Over Fiat Currency

Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency in history, and it became successful because of the many positive merits not found in traditional or fiat currency (this is your country’s national currency). In this article, you’ll find out about five advantages Bitcoin...

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Bitcoin Is The Future Of Money In Developing Economies

Bitcoin is fast becoming integrated into the everyday lives of people living in developing countries. With unstable and hyper-inflated national currencies, bitcoins are proving to be a much more viable solution to solving the financial woes of their citizens. Here are...

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