The Benefits of Creating Your Own YouTube Videos

You are undoubtedly a YouTube user if you enjoy watching free videos online, in a wide variety of topics. Although many YouTube users use the site only to view videos, there are many users who actually upload their own videos to YouTube. If uploading videos to YouTube is a new concept for you, you might be curious as to whether or not you should explore uploading videos. If you are a business owner, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. You will definitely want to examine the benefits of creating and uploading your own YouTube videos.

One of the biggest advantages of creating your own YouTube videos, is that you have the power to determine what the topic of your videos will be. Some of the more popular genres for YouTube videos include video blogs, how-to videos, and music videos from both indie and well established artists. Because you will be creating videos that will be complementary to your business site, you already know what the general topic of your videos will be. What you might still need to determine, is the more narrowly defined focus of your video–you might choose to create an instructional video using the product you are selling, for example.

When you create your YouTube video, you will still need to exercise good judgment. Although YouTube accepts videos on a wide variety of topics, they do reject some videos. Do not post any videos of an illegal nature on YouTube. YouTube does interact with law enforcement in some instances. Also, some things simply do not need to be discussed; you should always be cautious of online predators, for example, so be discerning about divulging too much personal information. You can never really be certain who is watching your videos, or what the consequences for posting them might be; but since your videos will work in tandem with your business website, you should have little or no difficulty with this issue.

Another benefit of making your own YouTube videos is that it is relatively easy to do. Of course, you will need to have a video recording device. Most mobile devices not only are capable of doing this, but produce videos that meet or surpass dedicated video recording cameras in quality. To further enhance the quality of your YouTube video, you will need a video editing software program. These editing programs will enable you to edit and preview your videos before uploading them to YouTube.

Once you have shot a video and uploaded it onto your computer and edited it, you will find that the final step of submitting it to YouTube is just as simple. In fact, that is another one of the many advantages to making your own YouTube videos. Just like the process of creating and editing the video, uploading the video to YouTube is as easy as can be, so you have nothing to fear if you have never done it before. Once you start the process, if you continue to make videos and upload them to YouTube, you will find that the process becomes easier and easier.

Another benefit of creating your own videos lies in the fact that anyone with an internet connection can visit the YouTube website to view your videos. This means that your video could potentially be seen by thousands of viewers. In fact, if they have YouTube accounts, the viewers can leave comments on your videos, “like” or “dislike” them, and subscribe to your YouTube channel. The comments, ratings, and subscriptions will give you a good indication as to whether or not you’re on the right track with your video.

As you can see, there are several benefits to making your own videos to share on YouTube, only a few of which have been mentioned here. While there are also some disadvantages, they are far outweighed by the benefits you can experience for your business.

Simple Tips to Marketing Your YouTube Videos

Uploading videos to your YouTube channel to promote your business website can be a very rewarding effort. If you are already familiar with the process, you are likely more than aware of all of the traffic that you can get, and maybe even already get. YouTube gets millions of visitors every day, so it is very possible for your YouTube videos to get thousands of views. As much traffic as YouTube can potentially bring you and your videos, there is always room for getting more views; the more, the better. Therefore, it is worthwhile to examine other ways to market your YouTube videos. Just a few of the many marketing approaches that you can take are outlined below.

One of the easiest ways to market your YouTube videos is to let friends, family members, or coworkers know that you have a YouTube channel. It will help if you can email them direct links to your YouTube videos. If you do make mention of your videos to people you know, also let them know what your YouTube channel name is, so it will help if you can keep your channel name simple, maybe even giving it the name of your company, or at least giving it a name relevant to your business.

Another one of the many ways that you can market your YouTube videos is by placing any of your videos on your websites, blogs, social networking profiles, etc. that you have. YouTube makes this process very easy, by supplying you with HTML codes. Those codes will enable you or any of your viewers to post a YouTube video online; your videos can be shared via links, they can be embedded, etc. It is not uncommon for bloggers to insert a YouTube video in their blog, by using generated HTML codes. You will of course post your YouTube videos on your own sites, but if you know anyone else who has a blog, particularly other business owners in complementary industries, you may want to consider approaching them about sharing HTML codes to your YouTube videos on their blog. In most cases, you will find that even strangers might willing to do so, particularly if your YouTube video is beneficial for them.

You can also market your YouTube videos on social networking sites, as was touched on earlier. You can create a FB page for your business, and share your videos there. You can do something similar for similar sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Or, there is online message board marketing, where you can discuss or share things with other board members, usually about a particular topic. You may want to think about posting links to some of your YouTube videos, especially if you think the other members would enjoy watching them. With any of these sites, you have the ability to create a signature, which is essentially your opportunity to always give a brief advertisement for your business that people will associate with your name. Your signature appears at the end of each of your messages; therefore, the more active you are online, the more exposure your YouTube videos are likely to get.

You now know a few ways that you can go about marketing your YouTube videos to your audience, in order to use your videos to drive traffic to your website, in your attempt to convert them into customers. As was mentioned previously, YouTube can generate thousands of views on your videos, and you can even further enhance that, by sharing your videos in a number of different places. Since you are connecting your YouTube videos to your business, you will want to take the time to market your YouTube videos. Many marketing tactics will only take a few minutes to execute. If you are not satisfied with your current YouTube viewer ship, you may want to think about doing a little bit of your own marketing.

Effective Tips for Video Marketing Success

In order to remain competitive with the businesses in your industry, you have to make use of a variety of marketing techniques. Some businesses choose internet marketing in the form of ads; others go with affiliate marketing; etc. There is another technique that can be just as useful, and it is video marketing. Here are some ways you can use it to promote your business website.

First, you should exhibit confidence during your video, if your video is a recording of yourself. You want your customers to see you as the “face” of the product or service you offer, which means that you want them to remember your confidence in the capabilities and value of your product or service. Practice your presentation a few times before you create a final version, in order to ensure that you are creating the right experience and interest for your potential customers.

If creativity strikes and you get a great idea for a video, try to film it as soon as possible. Waiting on either professional equipment, or someone to shoot your video, might seem like an ideal scenario, but they can take time to arrange, and the moment might be lost. Capture the energy and essence of your idea while it is still fresh in your mind, and the circumstances still exist (i.e., great weather, great location). Even an amateur video with authenticity can communicate more effectively than something expertly produced.

If you are selling a service, create a video that shows the benefits of someone using your service. If you are selling a product, create a video which demonstrates to your customers how to use the product–you can start with opening the box, show how to assemble it (if it needs assembly), and then let them see how they can use it. This communicates to viewers how much you respect your customers.

When searching YouTube for ideas that will help you create your video, remember to use the * wildcard operator. This allows you to find videos which might be similar, but not identical, to your search terms. For example, “How to * a book” may yield some interesting results about working with books creatively.

Depending on what you are selling, it might not even be necessary to film a video. If you are in the business of selling computer software products or online website services, screen captures might be more appropriate. Just create a video of your screen captures and narrate it.

Make videos that are thought-provoking. No matter how you approach the creation of your video, try to create something that encourages your viewers to communicate with you about the content. This is easily accomplished by enabling comments on your videos. You could even go so far as to ask for their feedback about something you discussed, or you could pose questions at the end your videos that your viewers can answer.

Content is king online–whether it is a website, a digital magazine or a video. What you post online not only tells your audience who you are but also what you’re about. If you want them to become clients or customers, you have to give them what they are looking for, in a way that appeals to them. All of the other marketing techniques are each effective in their own right, but there is something to be said about the effectiveness of video marketing.

How Boost Your Video Marketing Efforts

Video marketing is an effective tool for marketing your business. Unfortunately, many business owners have failed to take full advantage of its potential. By spending a bit of time to gain a thorough understanding of it, it is possible to get great results. Here are some suggestions as to where you can begin your studies and get your plan off the ground.

First, the spokesperson(s) for your video should, ideally, be someone who is charismatic, and can engage your viewers within the first few seconds. Who on your team is the most motivating? Who is the best speaker? This is most likely the ideal person to put in front of the camera. You may be the business owner, but you do not have to be the face of your business in all (or any) of your videos. Choose someone who is well suited for the task; if not someone on your team, perhaps someone else you know, or someone you can hire for a small fee. Use the person who will do the best job of marketing your business.

Second, use events such as expos and trade shows to interview experts. With their permission, you can then post the interview videos on your site as a resource for your viewers. For the most part, you will not get many refusals; videos of this nature also benefit the person being interviewed. The obvious benefits for you include the fact that the credibility of your YouTube channel increases; and the expert’s viewers will now become your viewers. Ask questions your viewers have asked or would ask, and keep the interview interesting and relatively brief.

Video tutorials are an excellent way to create new content and assist your customers in using products that they already have, or may now be more inclined to purchase. Innumerable searches are conducted regularly, in which viewers are looking for tutorial information about products or services. When they find great content, they will often share it after viewing it themselves. This is a great way to increase your audience. Do not forget to include your company logo somewhere in the video.

When you make videos to upload to your YouTube channel, do not be overly concerned with creating a professional quality video. You should make the quality as high as possible, but bear in mind that viewers will be drawn in not because you spent a lot of money producing it, but because you are authentic, and you have a very good message. Big businesses often use videos showcasing their employees, rather than hiring actors and directors.

Similarly, do not worry too much about the video recording equipment you are using. You do not need an expensive, professional movie camera to do video marketing. A simple recording device will work just fine, as long as it can deliver good quality digital videos. The average mobile device produces very good quality videos, which works to your advantage.

Depending on the products you sell, you may not even need to shoot a video. For example, if you are creating an instructional video involving the use of a computer program or software, or if you sell online services, screenshots are ideal. Save your screenshots, import them into your video editing software, and create highly informative videos. You might find it useful to narrate your video, and discuss why your viewers would want what you are offering.

The potential of video marketing is huge; it can be extremely beneficial in driving traffic to your business website, and helping your business to grow. Be thorough in your research of video marketing, in order for these strategies to ultimately prove successful. Bear in mind the strategies just mentioned in launching your own video marketing plan, and be prepared for amazing results.