Is self motivation overrated?

If you are in any kind of social group like at work or in your community, your neighborhood, or your family, you may be thinking that success in terms of group dynamics is just something that happens. There is just something about certain people that ensures that they rise to the top. As you probably have heard, cream rises the top.

You may be thinking that certain groups of people are just the cream of society. It is just bound to happen. Now, this is a very comforting thought if you are part of that group. What if you are just like everybody else? What if you are not habitually successful? What if you try really hard, but for whatever reason, things just don’t pan out?

Do you write yourself off? Do you settle for the crumbs of life? Do you instantly believe that your best days are behind you? Of course not. You see, whatever successful people can achieve, you can achieve as well. Now, you’re probably rolling your eyes and you’re probably thinking that is some sort of empty pep talk. You probably may even be thinking that you’ve heard this a million times before.

I really can’t blame you for your dismissive attitude because that is to be expected. However, until and unless you are able to wrap your mind around the importance of proper motivation, chances are, you won’t be able to make the necessary sacrifices that would enable you to achieve amazing success with your life.

Make no mistake, working towards success is a sacrifice because you’re giving up something that you are entitled to do. You’re entitled to a break. Seriously. You’re entitled to take things easy. But you chose to do something hard now in exchange for the promise of a greater victory in the future.

As long as you are capable of doing something, you can choose to do things the easy or the hard way. You are entitled to those options because you are capable of taking them.

In other words, if we were to bring this all back to grade school, you have decided to not eat chocolate chip cookie now in exchange for three chocolate chip cookies tomorrow. Sounds good so far, right?

Well, the problem is, sticking to that plan of action is much harder than coming up with a plan in the first place. You need motivation. This is why I can say with a straight face that motivation is not overrated. In fact, it’s the other way around. Motivation is absolutely crucial to any kind of success.

I don’t care how you define it. I don’t care about the timeline you have set for yourself. You need to remain motivated and you need to be able to get motivated on command. This is why you need a systematic and methodical approach. You can’t just let your feelings get the better of you. You can’t just assume that certain things will come into place and by intuition or random luck you will get motivated. It doesn’t work that way.

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Achieve more success by getting motivated on command

Let’s get one thing clear. All of us have the capacity for greatness. Seriously. We all have it in us to do amazing things. In fact, you only need to look at past instances in your life where you were able to truly achieve. Everybody has it in them to do the right things at the right time with the right people to produce the right outcomes.

What separates truly successful people, and I’m talking about people who are habitually successful, from everybody else is that these individuals seem to be able to achieve success day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. In other words, they are habitual successes.

You have probably heard of the phrase, “Success is a habit.” This is absolutely spot on, but you have to remember that the people who are able to produce such results started out just like you. Their IQs are not any higher that yours. They are not in any way more emotionally in tune that you. They are just like you.

The big difference is that they are able to get motivated on command. Put more specifically, they are able to achieve a state of flow on command. This is a big competitive advantage because most of us have to be surrounded by the right people and we have to feel the right things for everything to fall into place.

Now, I wish I could tell you that that is very easy to do, but unfortunately it isn’t. In fact, if you think that for you to perform, you have to feel the right way and everything has to fall into place, then you’re probably going to be setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Seriously. You’re just probably going to be letting yourself down because those situations are few and far between.

Things just have to line up the right way for you to get triggered to perform. It doesn’t work that way. Life doesn’t work that way. Life is too chaotic. In fact, life is hard and unfair. So, how do you achieve continual success? Well, it all boils down to getting motivated on command. You must be able to figure out how to get motivated to achieve a state of flow regardless of how you feel.

Successful people are able to get into the zone on command. They will themselves to get the proper motivation they need to enter a state of flow. After they do this, things begin to become easy. They just know what to do at the right time with the right people to produce the right outcomes. This is why they are successful.

It shouldn’t matter what other people around you are saying. You should be able to focus and make it happen. This is how you separate people who are able to achieve results on almost autopilot and everybody else who struggles.

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