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How To Eat Like A Celebrity And Not Get Fat!

When you see photos of Rihanna’s slim but glamorous silhouette or Jessica alba’s flat post-pregnancy tummy, you probably wondered how celebrities stay so lean or how do they always manage to snap back into shape in a blink of eye. Truth is some celebrities go to strange and outrageous lengths to get or stay thin even though most of them swear their perfect body comes from exercising and eating clean. It’s risky to just follow blindly with those alleged diet plans of celebrities.

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The Best Diet for Looking and Feeling Younger

Well really, there’s just one rule. That is: seek out nutrients! By extension, this also means you’re better off avoiding those sugary carbs and processed foods like chips, crisps, cake, chocolate bars, pasta and rice.

These foods all spike your blood sugar and lower insulin sensitivity, thereby increasing your risk of diabetes (which you’re at increasing risk of as you get older anyway!). Meanwhile…..

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Why drinking Coffee may be good for you

Coffee has had a bad press in the recent years, and is also subject to lots of myths. However, latest worldwide research studies have shown that there is little or no evidence that drinking coffee in moderation is a health hazard for most people. In fact, coffee is...

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