SPIRULINA – 1,000mg 90 Caplets


Health Benefits of Spirulina

    • Anti-aging: Restores energy levels, memory & youthfulness. NUCLEIC ACIDS slows down the ageing process
    • Restores Hormonal Balance: Affects the hormonal centers in the brain in regulating and balancing hormones.
    • Resists Fatigue: Rebuilds body’s depleted nutrients
    • Food to the Brain: Helps produce high quality brain tissues, increase the ability of RBC to carry oxygen in the brain, Balances function of R and L brain effectively and Enhances memory
    • Improves Anemia: Vit B12 is 250% higher than in any other food; helps build blood and assists in anemia problems. Iron is 97% absorbed by the body
    • Nutrition Balance: 6 main nutrients provide balanced elements for blood formation to prevent anemia fr nutrient deficiency



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